Sleep Consultant Rates

Sound Sleep Package: $400 (4 months to 3 years)

This basic package will work well for most family’s who feel confident they can take over the sleep coaching themselves without in-home support from Doula Deb.

Included is an In-Depth Evaluations, Initial and Continued Sleep Log Review, and a Fully Customized Written Sleep Plan.

Package Includes:
  • 30-60 minute Prep Phone/Video Call - sleep hygiene and prep for consultation is discussed
  • 2-3 hour Online Consultation
  • 2.5 hours Phone/Video Follow-Up Support: Brocken up however you choose (10 - 15 minute calls, 5 - 30 minute calls or any combo you like!)
  • 5 weeks - Unlimited email support
The consultation and written sleep plan is customized for your child and may include the following:
  • Times for teaching your baby the difference between day and night
  • Strategies to encourage sleep
  • Creating a healthy sleep environment
  • Reviewing age appropriate sleep and eating needs
  • A day-to-day schedule
  • Sleep techniques protocol
  • Tips for day and night time sleep
  • Create a consistent, yet flexible routine that fits your family’s needs

Ultimate Sound Sleep Package: $600 (4 months - 3 years)

This all inclusive package is designed for families who want to be as gentle as possible and usually desire support while they work on sleep hygiene (adjusting environment, feedings, and naps) for two weeks prior to starting sleep coaching.

In addition to everything in the “Sound Sleep Package” in included in this package, you will also have Doula Deb’s in-home support for up to 5 hours the first night of your sleep coaching (based on availability, extra hours can be added at the regular Postpartum Doula rates). This assures you that your sleep plan starts off well and all your questions can be answered right away. 

Refresher Package: $225

This is a package for previous clients who have come upon a NEW sleep challenge or need a new full assessment for a continued challenge.

Included is a NEW In-Depth Evaluation, Sleep Log Review, and a Fully Customized Sleep Plan.

Package Includes:
  • 1-2 Hour Phone/Video Refresher Consultation
  • 60 Minutes - Phone/Video Follow-up Support: Brocken up however you choose (4 - 15 minute calls, 2 - 30 minute calls or any combo you like!)
  • 3 Weeks - Unlimited Email Follow-up Support

Upgrades & Add-Ons

  • In-Home Consultation: $45 If you would prefer an in person consultation, Doula Deb will come to you but will also provide you with the following services: 

    • Child Room Safety Check
    • Sleep Environment Evaluation
    • Method & Technique Demo
    • Personalization of Methods & Techniques for your Child

  • Additional Child (Twins/siblings): $75

    • Add on an additional child (sibling/twin) to your sleep package! This is a cost saving way for the whole family to get sleep help. Each child will receive their ow customized sleep plan. No need to purchase a separate sleep package for each child!

  • Additional Travel: $30

    • Travel outside of a 30 mile radius from Tacoma, WA or having to cross a toll bridge.

    • As a Postpartum Doula, Deb commonly provides in-home support for families. If you live in the Greater Puget Sound Area, Doula Deb be will come to your home to help you catch up on some sleep, guide you through the first nights or you may choose to have Doula Deb start your sleep plan for you! Min 4-8 hours per shift depending on sleep plan and needs. Regular Postpartum Doula rates apply unless otherwise agreed upon.

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