Baby Planner Services

Doula Deb is your exclusive Baby Planner as you embark on welcoming your little one(s) into your family. Her role as a baby planner is to empower families by offering support and education in a non-biased fashion that is tailored for meeting the unique needs of each individual family during preconception, pregnancy, and beyond. She is committed to advising families of all their options so that they may make informed decisions. In addition, Doula Deb can offer consultations with general knowledge relating to all aspects of pregnancy and newborn care. This includes a wealth of services and product knowledge as well as expertise in specific areas.

Baby Planner Services:
    • Individual Consultations $200: 2-3 hours, choose up to 10 topics below (additional time billed at $25 per 30 minutes)
    • Group Consultations $50/family (6 family min): 2 hours + 1 hour Q&A session (additional time billed at $25 per 30 minutes
    • Educational Classes/Workshops: Contact me! We can make a custom class/workshop that fits your unique needs!
Service packages are custom made with Doula Deb. Below is a list of the variety of services/educational topics that clients may want to include in their custom package:
    • Baby Registry Services: Baby gear, feeding, bath time, bedtime, apparel, diapering, travel, safety, toys
    • Preconception Basics: Pregnancy, Nutrition, Stress, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Infertility
    • Birth Basics: Questions to ask your Care Provider, Birth Plans, How to Hire a Birth Doula
    • Going Green: Greenproofing
    • Sleep: Pregnancy Sleep Problems, Sleep & The Immune System, Tips for Better Sleep, Infant Sleep/Common Sleep Problems, Family Sleep Environments, Co-Sleeping & SUIDS, SUIDS Prevention
    • Postpartum: Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression, Nutrition, Postpartum Weight-loss: Do’s & Don’ts, After Birth Plan, Breastfeeding vs. Formula, Breastfeeding Basics, Difference between Breastfeeding Educators and Consultants, Allergies & Medications, Vaccines & Medications
    • Newborn & Child Care: Newborn Care Basics, Child Safety Basics, Child proofing, Child Care Basics
    • Stress Management: Regarding Postpartum, New Motherhood, and The Baby
    • Creating a Mommy Plan (Postpartum Recovery): Recovery Plan, Postpartum Vision, Personal Goals, Family Goals, Partner’s Expectations & Roles, Your Support System, Sleep Management, Stress Management, Child Care Management, Household Management, Work Management, Self-Care and Time Management, Work Life & Transitioning Back to Work

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