About Doula Deb

Deborah Jimenez is a Baby Planner, Labor Support (Birth) and Postpartum Doula, a Certified Gottman Educator (Bringing Baby Home Program) and a Certified Sleep Consultantand has been supporting families since 2008. Her experience as a Doula includes full spectrum training including baby planning, maternity sleep, pregnancy and labor support, postpartum recovery, the biology of sleep, newborn care, child development, postpartum mood disorders, breastfeeding/bottle feeding as well as various family health and wellness topics.

Deb was involved as a board member in the local postpartum doula community for many years and continues to collaborate with many birth, postpartum, sleep, and healthcare professionals to bring you the most current research-based care.

In your journey to find harmony with your growing family, you'll receive supporteducation, and empowerment as a parent when you work with Doula Deb. With her extensive knowledge and experience as a postpartum doula (and a mother of two of the best teachers ever!), she will help you get a smoother start with good sleep habits and work together with parents to create harmony for their children, all while respecting each family’s parenting values and goals.

Not only will you receive effective and gentle doula care and sleep coaching, but you'll get a dedicated coach who is focused on your family’s success!

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