Thursday, September 17, 2020

Before Implementing Sleep Coaching...

Please keep in mind that before attempting to implement a sleep coaching program, key issues MUST be addressed first and/or may also require an immediate referral out. These include and are not limited to:
  • Medical Issues: Tongue Tie, Reflux, etc.
  • Behavioral/Emotional/Temperament Issues
  • Trauma/Abuse
  • Sensory Processing Issues
  • Developmental Issues
  • Hunger/Feeding Issues
  • Nutrition Issues (anti-sleep foods, allergies, food intolerance, iron deficiency, vitamin d deficiency, etc.)
  • Imbalanced Internal clock
  • Lack of Consistent Schedule, Routine & Bedtime Ritual
  • Stress
  • Travel Effects
  • Environmental Issues (Light vs dark, temperature, exposure to toxins, EMF’s, fragrances, etc)
  • Many Changes happening all at once
Does this mean we can't do ANYTHING before these are addressed? NO! Often times we can implement a lot of sleep foundations while the other issues are worked on. 

If you think there may be some underlying issues that need to be worked on prior to working on sleep, it is crucial to reach out sooner rather than later. That "sleep problem" may be fixed by addressing the above and that need for sleep coaching all but disappears!

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