Sunday, June 14, 2020

First Sleep Client Consultation!

I completed my first sleep client consultation after reopening my sleep consulting services again yesterday. I am so happy to have been able to help this family’s sleep struggle. We were able to address feeding, sleeping, sleep environment, nursing/pumping management, even some things mom needed to address for self care. It took about 2 hours to discuss all the pieces that make up their family’s sleep puzzle, but at the end they felt confident to start right away! This morning, we chatted about how it went and although change can be hard, they are already seeing positive changes! In fact, they saw enough progress that they don’t need my in-home support tonight after all! Yay! Nothing makes me happier than a family that feels supported and confident enough to not need the support the initially anticipated!

Is your family struggling with sleep too? I can help you! We cover all the areas that can be contributing to your child(ren) not getting the sleep they need and deserve (not to mention the sleep you need too!). Your first 15 minute mini consult is free so you’ve got nothing to lose EXCEPT MORE SLEEP!

Signed Your Sound Sleep Consultant,

Doula Deb